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Are you the Strong Choleric Leader?

Inclusion strength

· Open, Friendly, Confident

· Outgoing, Optimistic

· Tough-minded, Perfectionist

· Envisions new projects

· Extrovert of a highly selective nature

Inclusion weaknesses

· Hot-tempered, Angry

· Can be forceful in social interactions & control conversations

· Controls the social scene

Control strengths

· Tough minded

· Excellent leadership

· Makes intuitive decisions

· Well-disciplined, Responsible

· Well-organized, Possesses will-power to carry things to completion

Control weaknesses

· Anger, Unkindness

· Capable of undertaking poor behavior to keep control

· Prone to burnout

Affection Strengths

· Open, Bright, Optimistic

· Outgoing, Affectionate

· Expresses great deal of love and affection

· Selective of deep relationships

Affection weaknesses

· Love & Affection on their terms rejecting relationships not meeting their standards

· Can be self-centered

· Difficult time relating to the emotions of others and may view them as weak

The Choleric is Inclined

Towards The Following:

· Excellent Leadership

· Excellent Mind and Skills

· Self-starters able to maintain what they start

· Charismatic encourager

· Business owners

· Engineers , Developers

“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value

others above yourselves”

~Philippians 2:3 (NIV)

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