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Tuition and Fees

There is a $100 non-refundable application fee due upon submission of the application for enrollment. This fee covers administrative costs for each student.


The tuition for each Phase I and Phase II course is modestly priced at $305 with the exception of the first course which is $315. Candidates are expected to pay for each course at the time of registration of that course.  Your  payment is your commitment to the course work. Once the course arrives payment is non refundable. If it arrives damaged we will replace the damaged course. Checks, Credit Card, PayPal, or Square's Cash App are acceptable forms of payment. If payment is made with check please allow time for the checks to clear the bank.

Creation Therapy is the first course.  This comprehensive course will explain how the theory of temperament was developed. The student learns the five temperaments and their numerous blends. She learns how to administer the questionnaire to an individual to determine their temperament and temperament needs. This will enable the student to put this valuable information to work.  The student is then required to become a member of the SACC (Sarasota Academy of Christian Counselors) upon completion of this course. The fee for this membership is $75. and permits the transfer of educational credits for Creation Therapy, saving the student several hundred dollars.


Each student is required to participate in clinical supervision in order to guarantee a clear comprehension of the material being presented as well as a strong understanding of the ethics and legal issues when holding a Christian Counseling Degree.  All supervision is overseen by an approved supervisor with the National Board of Clinical Christian Therapist.  


Clinical Supervisors are to be paid $50 per hour. Every candidate must complete six (6) hours of supervision/mentoring. Three (3) hours are completed in Phase I and three (3) hours are completed in Phase II. Supervision is performed at a rate significantly discounted from the standard counseling rate.  An account will be maintained for your supervision time.  


The course requires that you administer the Arno Profile System (APS) questionnaire to ten (10) individuals. Your supervisor will walk you through the whole process. Each APS is completed at a cost to the student of $30. After the completion of Phase I student may charge clients for the profile provided Professional Liability Insurance Policy is in place.


Upon completion of Phase II there is a $100 licensing fee payable to the NCCA. This fee is required along with the Notification and Release Form for a Personal National Background Screening. 


Final graduation will require professional membership in the NCCA. Annual membership dues for NCCA is currently $50.


Licensure will require ministerial credentials. This can be done through your local church. However, it is recommended student pursue commissioning by the National Conservative Christian Church. Membership and licensure with the NCCC requires additional reading, reporting and internship hours.


If the student is interested in earning a Bachelor, Master or Doctorate Christian Counseling Degree we will transfer your credits to the associated university for the purpose of awarding your degree. Matriculation fees will be required to be paid to the University college fund. 


For the Degree Programs the following matriculation fees apply:


   Bachelor of Arts Degree        $1500

   Master of Arts Degree           $1500

   Philosophy Doctorate            $1500


This is an example of a typical FEED MY SHEEP SCHOOL OF COUNSELING Christian Counseling Degree program. Actual costs may vary according to program chosen and level of certification sought. FEED MY SHEEP SCHOOL OF COUNSELING requires a $100 non-refundable enrollment fee which must accompany the completed enrollment packet. Tuition is $310 per course and may be paid as you take each course. Tuition for all advanced courses is $225 per course. Tuition may be paid by check, credit card, PayPal, or Squares Cash App. There is a $20 fee for all returned checks.

In addition to tuition, the candidate will be assigned to a clinical supervisor for a total of six hours. The fee for clinical supervision is $50 per hour. Additionally the candidate will be required to complete a total of 25 Arno Temperament Profiles at a cost of $30 each. After year one or the first ten (10) profiles, the student may charge for administering the profiles to clients as a means of reimbursement. The APS is a clinical tool that licensed professionals charge $40-$75. per profile.

Below is an estimated total cost for completion of the FEED MY SHEEP SCHOOL OF COUNSELING Christian Counseling Degree training program. This is only an estimate and could change based on specific student needs, the addition of required courses based on academic history, and desire for degree completion by the student.


Students Cost for Semester 1            

   1 class @ $315                                   

   1 class @ $305                                       

Registration Fee                                  

5 profiles @ $30 each                              

Membership in SACC                         

Semester 1 Total                                                                                                                

Students Cost for Semester 2

2 classes @ $305 each                      

5 profiles @ $30 each                       

Clinical Supervision (3hrs)                

Semester 2 Total                                                                                                                             

Students Cost for Semester 3       

2 classes @ $305 each                         

7 profiles @ $30 each                     

  (student may elect to charge for

  profiles provided professional

  liability insurance policy is in place)

 Clinical Supervision (3hrs)                

 Semester 3 Total                                                                                                                               

Students Cost for Semester 4

  2 classes @ $305each                     

  8 profiles @ $30 each                           

   (student may elect to charge for

   profiles provided professional

   liability insurance policy is in place)

NCCA Membership                           

Semester 4 Total                                   


Two Year program cost*                 $3,775


*This does not include matriculation fees or ministerial credentials.


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Feed My Sheep School of Counseling is an educational and training institute for Pastors and Christians interested in earning a Christian Counseling Degree.

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