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High School Diploma

The minimum educational requirement to be eligible for enrollment working towards a Christian Counseling Degree is a high school diploma or a GED. However the program is recommended for mature Christians.


If you have already earned a college level Bachelor degree and you desire to continue your education by seeking a Master or Doctoral Christian Counseling Degree, this can be accomplished regardless of your educational background. Students come to us with a variety of backgrounds and are pleased to learn that we usually have a program designed to meet their needs as a Christian counselor.


You will find high quality educational materials and experienced supervision to guide you through the process to become the Christian professional that you have been called to be.

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The time limits are generous and flexible enabling the student to earn their degree while meeting the other demands of their life and ministry. 


The student may start and stop as they desire.  Students generally find the courses so engaging that they finish in a short amount of time. A student seeking an advanced degree typically completes their work anywhere from one to two years. 


The Christian Counseling Degree is a discipline that requires a significant amount of personal training.  Our school offers the student high quality supervision for their educational experience. The mentoring experience is a vital factor in preparing the student.

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1. Classroom Study:

Student attends class and participates in group study and discussions. Class is lead by a Master level or PhD instructor. Classes begin in the fall and spring.


​2. Traditional Home Study:

Coursework is shipped to the student in book form. The student communicates with the school via email, phone or Skype while working at his or her own pace.


3. Online Study:

Christian Counseling Degree courses are also available online. The courses will come electronically as text (.pdf) files that can be printed, transferred to an electronic reader, and searched for reference purposes.  Exams are administered online. Student receives their grade instantly upon completion of the exam. This format is used for all non-US students and is also popular with many domestic students.

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Feed My Sheep School of Counseling is an educational and training institute for Pastors and Christians interested in earning a Christian Counseling Degree.

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