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Lebanon, TN

Feed My Sheep School of Counseling is your number one educational and training institute where Christians can earn a Christian Counseling Degree and become a Licensed Christian Counselor. 

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Feed My Sheep School of Counseling is an educational and training institute for Pastors and Christians interested in earning a Christian Counseling Degree.

Who is Feed My Sheep School of Counseling?

Feed My Sheep School of Counseling training institute is for Christians and Pastors who are committed to counseling the hurting with biblical excellence and academic professionalism.  FMS School of Counseling combines hands-on practicum and personal supervision from our Ph.D. instructors, helping you help others with excellent counseling techniques. By the end of our program, you’ll be a qualified licensed Christian counselor or a licensed pastoral counselor.

The FEED MY SHEEP SCHOOL OF COUNSELING is primarily an online educational and training institute for Pastors and Christians interested in earning a Christian Counseling Degree. Classes begin onsite one time per year, but the student can begin independent study any day of the year.

The program offers credentialing for Pastoral Counselors or Christian Counselors through the National Christian Counselors Association, a certification/licensing program, not to be confused with state licensing in any way. It is distinctly different and intended for a person who wants to practice as a minister of counseling and servant of the Body of Christ. We are excited about beginning this journey with you. Together we can fulfill our calling to make a difference in the Kingdom of God.

Who Can Benefit From the SCHOOL OF CHRISTIAN COUNSELING Training?


  • Christians who want to be better equipped to minister to those who need counsel.

  • Pastors who want to learn how to counsel members of their community who are experiencing problems.

  • Christians who want to be credentialed with NCCA license, certification, or Christian Counseling School Degree and enter the field of counseling as a part-time or full-time Christian ministry.

  • Professional counselors who want to become A.P.S. certified and learn a Biblically-based counseling model with proven success.

What Are Other Benefits of Training?

The N.C.C.A. has credentialed over 6,000 counselors since 1981, worldwide.

 Internationally recognized as the best and most affordable Christian Counseling School Degree and certification training available

The N.C.C.A.’s curriculum is offered by over 180 Ministries, Bible Schools, Colleges and Seminaries across the U.S. and around the world in their Christian Counseling Degree Programs


May I charge for my services as a Christian Counselor?


Yes. Christian Counselors are paid professionals and can earn excellent incomes. If you charge for your services it is important to maintain a proper structure in order to present your services to the community of believers and the public at large. You will need to be connected to a credible ministry where you are held accountable and keep your professional liability insurance current and up to date.


Are the programs accredited?

Yes. The NCCA and all of the contracted Universities, Colleges and Seminaries are fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission International (ACI) with Comprehensive Accredited Membership status.


For more information please contact accrediting agency here:


The NCCA is also fully accredited by the Private Schools Accreditation Group (NPSAG). For more information please contact accrediting agency here:


What is a matriculation fee?


It is the fee the NCCA charges to have your college-level coursework approved and credits transferred to one of the many partnering Universities, Colleges, and Seminaries that will matriculate your Christian Counseling School Degree. You will declare to the school your intent to have your NCCA coursework and credits transferred to their program of study. Once the school admits you to that program of study, you are classified as matriculated. A degree and grade transcripts will then be issued from the college.


Is a Minister of Counseling required to be approved by the state as well as by the church?
No.  A Minister of Counseling is not required to be approved by the state. However, a Christian counselor must be sure not to use confusing terminology that would identify them with the state. Christian counselors must clearly identify themselves as ministers. Christian Counselors must refrain from employing acronyms or abbreviations similar to those used by state-licensed persons.


May I Audit the Classroom?


Auditing is defined as attending a class without participating in classwork, class discussion or receiving credit. Enrollment as an auditor is permitted only in certain courses and subject to the approval.  The auditor must first be eligible to register for the class by meeting all requirements and also be a prospective student or a Feed My Sheep student already enrolled in the School of Counseling. The prospective student is allowed to audit the first two classes within a single course of study, but not multiple courses of study. A present student may audit a complete course of study but is subject to approval.


Initial enrollment in a course as an auditor must be completed two weeks in advance of the first day of classes for any course of study. Prospective and present students wishing to enroll in a course as an auditor must also complete the entire application process, including a statement of intent for enrollment in a particular course of study as an auditor. The student must then get approval and return the approval. A prospective student who audits the class is not required to pay the application fee unless the student enrolls in the class. At that time the student would be required to pay for the course as well as the application fee. Both the application fee and course payment are non-refundable.


A change of enrollment from audit to credit may be made, provided the change is made no later than the end of the second week of classes in a course of study.  Students wishing to change enrollment from audit to credit must be paid in full for that course of study by the end of the second class that has been audited. 

How Do I Get Started?

First, read and reread the website and online catalog. You can download a catalog if you want to save it on your device. Then download and complete an application. You can email your application to Dr. Hart and she will contact you. If you have additional questions she will answer all of your questions.


What's the best way to contact you and get more information on your Christian Counseling School?

Please give us a call at (615) 429-8119 or go to our contact page to email us. We look forward to talking to you and answering any questions you may have. Please contact us today!

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