Our training institute is for Christians who are committed to counsel the hurting with biblical excellence and academic professionalism.  We are excited about beginning this journey with you.  Together we can fulfill our calling to make a difference in the Kingdom of God.


If you are looking for a certifiable way to earn a Christian Counseling Degree so you can become a credentialed Christian Counselor or Pastoral Counselor, begin by taking some time to browse this website. You will find that Feed My Sheep School of Counseling offers a high quality program at a low affordable cost. We incorporate college level coursework so you can earn your Christian Counsleing Degree. 


Our school combines a hands-on practicum and personal supervision from an experienced practitioner at the PhD level.  This program will qualify you to fill the office of a Licensed Christian Counselor or a Licensed Pastoral Counselor.


This website is designed to provide you with most of the answers you seek. If you have further inquiries please feel free to call or email us. You can find our Contact information at this link. You can also simply scroll to the bottom of the page or you can download an Application here. A representative will contact you by phone or email.

You can begin by going to student's Frequently Asked Questions or Looking at our online Catalog

Christians everywhere are discovering that the Christian Counseling Degree is more consistent with their beliefs and can provide biblical as well as psychological solutions to the challenging problems they face.


That is why there is a remarkable and growing need for well-trained Christian Counselors to help meet the need of those desiring help and guidance.

Every day, Christians seek counsel from representatives of their faith seeking sound scripturally based counsel, encouragement and prayer.


If you believe this is your calling, this program will provide you with both psychological and spiritual training to equip you to be one of those representatives.

One of the most important decisions you, as a student, should consider is whether you want 

Christian Credentials or State Credentials.

To help you make that decision you can click on the link above or scroll over Philosophy on the menu bar and click on the page with the same title above.